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What are the types of anxiety disorders?

Understanding Anxiety –

We all have been through times when a person might have suffered from anxiety issues in their life. Some of the people who have a strong will tend to get through the tough times with much ease. However, if you do not have great willpower, you may actually fall under the disturbance of the world.

If a person has issues that go around anxiety symptoms, that person may need proper help from a health expert. Often anxiety occurs in people who are in fear of certain situations like – intense and excessive thinking, going to a certain place/person, or others. There are people who tend to think that they suffer from some health anxiety condition. Those people are termed to be suffering from a health anxiety disorder.

One may call a condition to be anxiety disorder when a repetitive and sudden occurrence of feeling turns into a panic attack. When such a feeling starts to take place regularly, doctors diagnose that person to be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Several types of Anxiety Disorder –

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) – When a person goes through the condition of GAD, it is said that they maintain persistence and excessive occurrence of fear for any troublesome situation. These could be routine activities that can make a person feel miserable and out of control. Most people who face such issues are also said to be going through depression as an alongside symptom.

Panic Disorder – There are many patients who suffer from the issue of pain attacks on a general count. It involves repetitive episodes of feeling fear for a few minutes. The attack is so sudden that it results in increasing blood pressure, chest pain, and fluttering feeling inside the heart. Most people who go through a panic attack are told to avoid crowded places for a proper respiratory flow.

Health anxiety – Some people are of the opinion that they need to stay healthy no matter what the situation they are going through. At times, they may start obsessing about their health and their well-being. The truth is, the human body functions to get ill even when there is nothing serious. In such cases, people develop the feeling that they are going through some health issue that goes accountable for health anxiety.

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that occurs when a person develops a fear of certain conditions and places. They may start getting panic whenever they get in a situation or business that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Social anxiety disorder – There are many people who tend to have a fear of going out in public and socializing with other people. Self-consciousness and other stuff will make them feel stressed whenever they are in and around other people. The most common issue that people with social anxiety will have is the fear of being judged and viewed negatively in the eyes of others.

Separation anxiety – It is a common sort of anxiety disorder that mainly occurs in young children. There are some parents who are too caring and protective of their children that they never let them go out sight for a day or so. Such children become habitual to the caring nature of their parents, and when the times come, and they have to be separated from their parents, it causes them anxiety issues.

What are the sorts of complications that occur with Anxiety Disorder?

When you suffer from health anxiety and other issues, you may feel something more than worry at most times. In some people, the symptoms of stress can be so worse that they can trouble the person’s daily routine life. A person may generally start to feel the following mental and physical issues to their overall health –

  • Drug abuse and misuse
  • Depression and mental health
  • Isolation from socializing
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Digestion problems
  • The problem in functioning at home or work
  • Poor quality lifestyle
  • Being miser

Though many people may not know the real factors that get to take place in their system, it is necessary always to take help from a health expert. It would help if you took guidance before you get to weaken troublesome and annoying symptoms of health anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder –

Different aspects of anxiety disorder tend to display various modes of feeling in every person. The health anxiety symptoms tend to preoccupy the space that needs to be filled with calmness and relaxation. Therefore, a person may unwillingly be going through the following symptoms of anxiety disorder. They are –

  • The person will always be getting worried about my health.
  • The person shall have thoughts of developing a serious health issue or other condition.
  • They are getting worried whenever there is a minor change in health conditions themselves.
  • They deny the negative reports of doctors about personal health.
  • They are avoiding people and risk situations from where they might get a disease or illness.
    Way too conscious about a health anxiety disorder that they may already be suffering from currently.
  • They were constantly talking to others about their personal health condition and minor illness.
  • They will be having trouble going out with other people and not being able to socialize with them.
  • They do trust no one for sharing information that means a lot for their personal keep.
  • Avoiding public gatherings and other people for they may feel embarrassed about their look.
  • They are making more frequent appointments with the doctor to keep a regular check about their personal health.

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