While you are visiting our website to gain knowledge about anxiety and its treatment, we would like you to go through the limitations of our company as well. It will make you aware of our working process and our services to our viewers/users. Know that everything visible on the website is merely for the purpose of providing information and nothing else.

Means of Information –

Every now and then, people have been searching to find answers related to anxiety and other related health issues. There are various websites that you can search on the web that are in the same line as we are for now. However, we would like you to know that the site’s content, graphics, and images are gathered from various reliable sources.

We do not take authentication of the data that is displayed on the website. Learn that if you are thinking of applying to the use of a drug, such as Xanax, you need to take guidelines from a doctor in advance. It is seen that most people using Xanax are bound to mistreat the drug without taking any recommendation from the doctor. Moreover, we do not accept any responsibility for such acts of the people using our website.

Our limitations –

Before you go through the information displayed on our website, know that it has nothing to do with the on-label or off-label usage of the medication like Xanax. If you want to use the drug, it would be better to take consultation from a health advisor rather than being a doctor yourself after reading the information given on the site. Also, there are some ads and third-party involvement on the website as well. We want to make it clear that if there is any theft of data or loss of money after visiting the third-party sites, we won’t be responsible for such losses.

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